Sunday, October 4, 2015


Today its my birthday!!!!!!! We went to Lego land for my birthday. When we got there, I thought it was going to be boring. But it was actually really cool.

 We first played with Lego for a bit. I made a small house. My dad  made spaceships and Max made cars.

 After that, I went down stairs and did this cat burgular thing. You had to sneak past the lasers without being touched by them.

 Next, Max and I went to build cars. It was really fun. Next, I watched clutch power film. It was 4D. That was fun. Next, I went into a room where they taught max and I how to make a whale. It was hard to do it because they spoke Japanese.

 After that we went home....well most of us did. Dad and I went a place called Joypolis. The first ride that dad and I  went on went upside down. After that dad and I went on a game ride, and we won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Next we went upstairs. We found this ride that I really wanted to go on. It went upside down sooooooooooooooooooo much that dad felt sick. Then we went home. This had been an awesome birthday. One I'll never forget. Bye bye.

Disney land

Today we're going to Disney land. Even though  Disney Sea was based on an older audience, Disney land was way cooler. The first thing we did was go on a boat tour based on Pirates of the Caribbean. It was really cool. The robots really did look like people too. After that we went on another boat ride, but this time it was based in the jungle. Ada got scared because she thought there was a real crocodile. 

After that we waited in queue for about twenty minutes for a rollercoaster. It was really fun for Ada but less fun for the rest. Next I saw as boat ride that I really wanted to go on. It was one of those really steep hills that you slide down and then get splashed in the face. It was awesome. After that, we watched a parade of Mickey Mouse and Minny Mouse. Then we went to a star wars movie thing. It was 4D, and the room moved. It was sooooooooooooooooooo cool. We went home. Guess what's tomorrow. My birthday.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Disney Sea

Today, we went to Disney Sea. The first thing we did was try and go on a roller coaster that went upside-down. But it was shut! And it took us half an hour to get there. 

Next, we went to another roller coaster that had a half an hour queue. When we got on, it was really cool: there were glowing crystals, real fire, a pretend alien monster thing and pitch blackness. And a little jump to keep things exciting. 

After that, we had lunch. I had a Turkey leg, and my brother and dad had this thing which I can't remember the name of. It looked kind of like a wrap. 

After that, Max and I went on a fish ride. It was kind of fishy. Soon after that, we went home. today was really cool. 

Tomorrow...... DISNEYLAND!!!!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Science Museum

Today, We went to the Science Museum. The first thing we did was go to the the garden witch was the name of the kiddy section.

After that we went to a place for people about my age. My favorite thing was definitely finding out how to make the light go on. You had to connect the wires. It was really fun. Next I went in a machine that you controlled on your own. You could go upsidedown, Side to side and also back to front. It was so much fun.

Also, we went to the shop to get silly putty. After that, we went home.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Coming to London.

Today we went to London. When we came in to the town, we saw Buckingham Palace. We also saw  Big Ben.  I thought it was going to be bigger, but I guess its not. After that we arrived at our hotel. Mum went to the shops to get food for dinner. All I had was a cheese and ham sandwich. After that I read a book then went to bed. This was quite a boring day. But I'm sure we'll have more exciting days. See you in ten days. Bye.

Friday, September 25, 2015


Today, we're going zip-lining! There are three lines. For the first one, we had to catch a bus to the first zip-line. When we got the top of the hill, I almost turned blue, I was that cold! When I was about to go down, I had this feeling in my tummy saying "this is too risky".... I ignored it. BOMBS AWAY!!!! It was so windy going down, my head almost fell off. 

The next zip line was the funnest (most fun). it went a tiny bit shorter but a lot faster. the next one was the last one, but the quickest of them all. 

Today was really fun. really windy. but still, really fun. I hope you guys are having fun in Australia.